Artificial Intelligence...

Everyone is talking about AI and ChatGPT and how the robots can make your business so much faster and easier. All you can think is WTF?

How do you get started? Does it actually work? Will it cost a fortune? How do you actually get decent results? Is it a steep learning curve? Will it tank your engagement? Is it ethical? What the actual heck? 

That's where I come in. AI Antics is designed specifically to answer all these questions and more. 

Will AI solve all your problems?

Absolutely not. Don't expect these online bots to make your morning coffee, wrangle your kids or make your dinner for you. Let's be realistic. 

They can, however, serve you up a brilliant new coffee recipe, give you ideas about how to motivate your kids in the morning and serve you up a delicious meal plan that meets all of your dietary requirements. 

And we haven't even talked about your business yet. 

Let the robots help you with:

  • Planning and developing strategies
  • Creating innovative ideas or campaigns
  • Naming your next product or service
  • Writing content for your website or socials
  • Designing on-brand imagery
  • Responding to difficult emails
  • Polishing your product photography
  • Editing audio or video content
  • Preparing transcripts
  • Outlining courses or programs
  • Writing media releases or pitches
  • Getting on top of email marketing
  • Developing your brand profile
  • Automating tasks and workflows
  • Nailing your brand's tone of voice
  • Understanding your ideal client
  • Creating unique visual brand assets
  • And so much more! 

So what is AI Antics?

AI Antics is an e-learning program. In the program, I show you: 

  • A range of free, low cost and higher end AI tools
  • How to use these tools
  • How to up your game and get better AI results
  • What you can use AI for in your business
  • How to teach your bots to write and create in your tone of voice and language style
  • How AI can help you save time

But this isn't just some ordinary slide show. We've produced real world examples of content during the workshop so that you can see all these tools and techniques in action. You're sure to walk away with a bunch of ideas about how you can use AI in your own business!

Let's do this!


Bec McFarland

Bec McFarland is a career and business coach and the founder of Pop Your Career, Pop Your Business and BizCBR, Canberra Business Network. Bec is on a mission to help her clients feel more fulfilled buy their work, whether they're in a traditional career or running a business. She is a self-confessed nerd and loves using her tech skills to support others in letting business be easier.