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You missed out!

Hey creative business owner... ✌🏻

I want you to STOP wasting time on LOW-VALUE tasks that you HATE.

And START spending MORE time doing the WORK THAT LIGHTS YOU UP.

Are we on the same page? I think you hear me, but maybe you're confused because you think it's impossible.

It's not. You just need to know which levers to pull. And I'm gonna show you. It comes down to 3 things.




And you might be surprised to learn that it isn't anywhere near as hard as it sounds...

What my clients say...


Bec has transformed the way I feel about my business and my place within it. I cannot thank her enough and would recommend her to anyone who feels they need a boot in their career or business. She's amazing!


Director, dance northside


I felt completely comfortable working with you and really loved how simple you made the whole process. You are definitely the automation Queen - you know your stuff and you knew exactly how to help me know what I need to know about it too!




Bec has been so generous with her time and her resources, helping me build a business from the ground up with no prior business experience, always available via a quick text to help me iron out small issues.



But what does it actually mean to put your business in the backseat?

Well, fabulous business owners (just like you) are telling me regularly how damn overwhelming it is being in business. And I can relate! But when our business is overwhelming us, it takes over. So like, who is in control here? You? Or your business? 

It's time to take back the steering wheel. 

When I think about this program, I imagine myself firmly telling my business who's boss. "No, you can sit in the back and enjoy the ride, but I'm driving, I'm in charge of the radio and you better keep your filthy mitts off my travelling snacks!"

Coz who's the boss? You are.


What we cover in the program...

Module 1
Setting Business Priorities & Goals

Before we dive into systems and automation and outsourcing (all the fun stuff), it's important that we get clear about what you're actually working towards. And not just in a super dreamy big picture type of way. But in a "what are my priorities for the next 12 months?" kinda way.

Module 2
Assessing & Making Sense of Your Work

Next up we look at everything you do. And I mean EVERYTHING! We're sussing out where you currently spend your time, identifying which tasks are a waste of valuable resources and we're killing them dead. πŸ’€ Wiping them off your to-do list because ain't nobody got time for that!

Module 3
Business Systems

I know what you're thinking. "I don't have any systems". And you're wrong. You may not have your systems streamlined and documented, but the systems themselves are there. In Module 3 we identify them, polish them and look for opportunities to take systematising your business to the next level...

Module 4
Business Workflows

Have you ever built a process map? I reckon it sounds a heck more intimidating than it needs to. Because really it's just a diagram of how you do stuff. But in the hands of a great big nerd like me, a process map can be quite magical. ✨ Don't believe me? BYO broomstick and let's go!

Module 5
Automation Central

Ah. Automation. Another piece of the puzzle that gets a bad wrap because it's difficult. Except that it's really not. I feel like this is one of those "trust me" moments, that could go down like a lead balloon. But trust me. I'll show you how automation can be easy. Set it and forget it, baby. 

Module 6
Growing Your Team

Whether you've already got a team member or two or you're brand new to the world of outsourcing, I've got your back. I literally spent most of my career becoming an expert in recruitment and selection. And I LOVE outsourcing. Let's get you back into your zone of genius and out of the weeds!

Module 7

Leading Your Team

There's an art-form to being a leader. It's not just about delegating tasks and paying invoices. If you truly want your team to grow, thrive and remain loyal to you, you've gotta nurture them. In this module we explore different leadership styles and I give you my tips to lead with grace.

Module 8

Scaling Your Business

What happens next? You've got your systems and automation and team on fleek... time to put your feet up? If you want! You do you, boo. Or you could scale the heck out of that mofo and build an empire that rivals the Romans. Your choice though. There's no pressure here.


The Pop Your
Business Software Stack

We're all voyeurs. There's no shame about it. We wanna peek behind each other's curtains. To see each other's software stacks though, okay? None of that other tomfoolery! In this bonus, I'm literally showing you mine...

Business in the Backseat vibes...


How is the program delivered?

Every module includes a primary video lesson, along with a workbook and a lesson transcript. Demos, templates, tutorials and exercises are provided where they add value to the lesson material. There are two optional live calls each week, which are recorded. Recordings of these calls are housed in the course portal.

Let's talk about accessibility...

As a neuro-divergent human, I'm hyper-aware of the need for online programs like this one to be as accessible as possible. For everyone. For this reason, my team and I have implemented the following accessibility measures:


  • all of our video lessons have open captioning
  • we also provide written transcripts of lessons
  • video lessons are broken into chunks to allow for easier navigation and consumption

  • where workbooks and other documents don't meet accessibility requirements for screen readers, an accessible version will also be supplied

  • formatting of text lessons has been considered to reduce instances of text walls and other features that make text difficult to consume
  • additional accessibility functionality on our website and course portal has been provided through the Userway widget (you can test it out by clicking the "Accessibility" button in the bottom right corner, or by pressing Ctrl-U)

  • live calls are held via Zoom, however, if you are unable to attend the call in person, have communication restrictions or feel uncomfortable asking questions in a public forum:
    • calls are recorded - replays and call transcripts are available in the course portal within 24 hours
    • there is an opportunity for you to send questions through in advance to be answered on the live call
    • there are alternate options for you to contact me to as questions or seek additional support
  • 10 Days


    What have you got to lose?

    There's absolutely NO RISK with our 10-day Money Back Guarantee. If the program doesn't feel like a good fit, just email my team at support@popyourbusiness.com and they'll arrange a refund for you toot-sweet.

    The program schedule

    Mark the following dates and times in your calendar to be sure you don't miss out on our live group coaching calls! Upon enrolment you'll also be provided access to the Business in the Backseat Google calendar, which includes details of all events, including Zoom links. 

    business in the backseat lessons

    Each week from 29 August 2022 to:

    • New lessons will drip feed into your account in the program hub and will be activated at 6am AEST/AEDT every Monday
    group coaching calls

    Each week from 29 August 2022 to:

    • Group coaching call 1 - Wednesday, 12pm AEST/AEDT
    • Group coaching call 2 - Saturday, 12pm AEST/AEDT
    • Attend either of the calls (or both if you wish!)
    • If you can't attend live you will be given an option to send your question through in advance and watch my response on the replay

    Frequently Asked Questions


    This round officially commences on 29 August 2022, however, you'll have access to the first module and the Facebook group as soon as you sign up, so you can get started straight away! 


    The answer to this one is a little like the answer to "how long is a piece of string?". Each week (for 8 weeks) there will be a lesson of approximately 45 minutes to an hour, and two group coaching calls. But this program is not just about watching and learning. You'll want to implement what you learn and like anything, the more you put in, the more you get out. It is my honest belief that you'll want to return to the content in this program time and time again, possibly for the life of your business. (Big call, I know. But that's how much I believe in Business in the Backseat!)


    I'm in Canberra, Australia. That means my timezone is AEST or UTC+10. There will be two group calls each week and the times of those calls are listed above. If you're not able to make the calls live, you are welcome to send your questions through in advance and watch my responses on the replay. Please note that daylight savings commences on the first weekend in October and from then, the live calls will be held in AEDT timezone. 


    The cost of Business in the Backseat is AUD$1400. The relative cost to hire me as your personal Business Coach and Automations Specialist would be well over five times that. Although this is a group program, there are several ways you can gain direct access to me to ask your questions, including two group calls each week, the Facebook group and an option to upgrade to a VIP package with a 1:1 coaching component. 


    You'll have access for the lifetime of the program. Which means that as long as Business in the Backseat is an active program, you can continue to use it. This will be at least 12 months from the date you purchase the program, however, my plan is to continue offering Business in the Backseat well into the future. If I run live rounds of Business in the Backseat in the future, you'll be welcome to continue to attend group calls at no additional cost. 


    No problem. I completely understand. Business in the Backseat comes with a no questions asked 10 day refund policy. If you purchase the program and find it isn't what you'd expected, just email support@popyourbusiness.com within 10 days of the program commencing (by 8 September 2022) and my team will arrange a refund for you.


    Yes, I most definitely do! If you would rather spread the cost over a longer period, I'm offering a payment plan. This payment plan will allow you to pay off the cost of Business in the Backseat over 8 monthly payments of $200, to a total cost of AUD$1600.


    I'm here for you! You're welcome to sign up for the VIP Business in the Backseat Experience which includes the full program as well as three 90 minute coaching sessions with me (Bec). This is an extra cost of $1000, which is a heavily discounted option available only to Business in the Backseat participants. (I usually charge $1200 for three sessions). 


    Well... you might! But it depends on what you're hoping to achieve. We'll discuss tech in great detail throughout the program, but rest assured, I'll help you find the software that suits your business needs and budget. And I'm the Queen of Bootstrapping, so I really mean that!


    Bummer! Unfortunately we don't know at this stage when we will be running this program again and also don't know what price point it will be at next time it is offered. You're welcome to join now and then work through the program at your own pace when you do have time, or can alternatively keep an eye out for our next Business in the Backseat launch. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. 


    Not to worry. This page will continue to be updated with questions as I receive them. Of course you're also welcome to flick us an email with anything that is on your mind. Let’s work it out, I’d love to have you in the program if it’s right for you. You can reach my team at support@popyourbusiness.com.

    This is an inclusive space...

    All Pop Your Business programs and groups are safe spaces that are designed to be inclusive, supportive and welcoming. We would love to have you join us, regardless of your ethnicity, skin colour, sexuality, gender, marital status, body shape, religion, health status or frankly, anything else about you. Bec and the Pop Your Business team will do everything possible to ensure that you feel comfortable participating and sharing in this space.

    If participating openly in an inclusive space, being respectful and being open to learning and changing is not part of your own behaviour or belief system, then this is not the right environment for you. Anyone who demonstrates bullying, harassment, discrimination, gas-lighting, exclusive or otherwise inappropriate or detrimental behaviour will be removed from the program immediately. 

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    You missed out!

    Are you ready to join us?

    Business in the Backseat

    • 8 core modules containing video lessons, tutorials, workbooks and other resources
    • 16 group coaching calls to provide you with opportunities to ask questions and pick my brain
    • An interactive Facebook group where you can seek advice and support from me and the other Business in the Backseat participants
    • A BONUS module with information about my software stack

    Business in the Backseat + 1:1 Support

    • 8 core modules containing video lessons, tutorials, workbooks and other resources
    • 16 group coaching calls to provide you with opportunities to ask questions and pick my brain
    • An interactive Facebook group where you can seek advice and support from me and the other Business in the Backseat participants
    • A BONUS module with information about my software stack
    • 3 x 90 minute 1:1 coaching sessions with me to utilise before 30 November 2022
    Ready to learn?

    Bec McFarland

    Bec McFarland is a career and business coach and the founder of Pop Your Career, Pop Your Business and BizCBR, Canberra Business Network. Bec is on a mission to help her clients feel more fulfilled buy their work, whether they're in a traditional career or running a business. She is a self-confessed nerd and loves using her tech skills to support others in letting business be easier.